Photographs and paintings from Kingston

Photographer : Janice P. Van Dijk

Growing up on a farm in southwestern Ontario exposed me to the colours and textures of nature. Even though my family and teachers encouraged me to pursue the arts, I chose to follow the health care/research/education path. However, once I moved to Kingston twelve years ago, I sought more balance in my life, and once again began to focus on my creative interests. Watercolour courses at St. Lawrence College were the starting point of my creative path. This was soon followed by fibre art, then photography, and digital painting. Currently I am trying to balance both paths. It fulfills all that I am at this time in my life.

I have a passion for rich, bold colours and texture and the effects o f light and shadow of everything that is. Art is life, life is art. Life provides the inspiration, art provides the expression. Each medium, whether photography, painting or fibre art, is a vehicle for expressing how I “see” and “feel” about world that I live in, whether it is a rose in a garden, or birch trees found along the rugged trails of a park, or an old weathered building.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope that I was able to add light and colour to your life!

Artist : Suzanne Berton

spending hours training on technique, I enjoy exploring possibilities within my own creative self through self expression. Art is a gift to everyone. In my case, I think creativity breathes a life of its own since I find myself constantly moving from one idea to the next. What can I do next is a question always on my mind. This holds true with my creative writing.

What better place to gain inspiration than from our great city of Kingston, Ontario. The limestone buildings, the historic beauty, the Great Lake Ontario, the marsh scenes and wild life within the city give me a lot to use. Although I was born a francophone in the Greater Sudbury region, Kingston is my home. I love it here.

No matter how hard I try to limit my use of colour in my watercolours, I can’t. At this time in my artistic journey, I find myself using a lot of colour – I’m in the bold, rich phaze in developing my paintings and wood reliefs. One thing I’ve realized over time is that I want to show my humanity in the work; that is, I want to show character in my work, not the glossy finish of a fine print. My art must look as if a real person finished the pieces. This holds true for all my work.

Photographer : Rick Carroll

Originally from Ottawa, Kingston has been my home for the last two years. Photography has been my passion for decades. Like many, trying to be an artist and survive is a challenge. Visiting my site and sharing some feedback is always appreciated. The future has much to offer. I am finally being who I am, more and more.

Photographer : Ken Watson

My interest in photography dates back several decades. I love the outdoors and my initial working career involved outdoor work (geology) in the Yukon, which presented many wonderful photographic opportunities.

I moved to the Rideau region in the mid-1990s and have found it a great place for photography.

The Rideau Canal Waterway is a wonderful blend of different environments, natural, rural and urban; each photogenic in its own way. Many of my photos relate to being on or near water – from the beauty of a Rideau lockstation to a heron wading in the shallows.