Kingston Attractions & Sights is something I personally enjoy as a keen photographer, especially using digital cameras to produce high quality 360 degree panoramas for virtual tours. I immediately saw the attraction that Kingston had and it wasn’t long before I was thoroughly enjoying myself while collecting the wealth of information which is now on display here on Virtual Kingston. There is still more information and panoramas will be added so please check back.

Previously living in Ottawa, I had heard of Kingston’s wonderful reputation for the Attractions, Museums, Historic Sites, Art Galleries, Crafts, Parks & Conservation Areas, Sightseeing, Sports / Recreation, Camping, Tours and more and if you’re planning your visit to Kingston, or looking for something different to do, I hope that you find this web site an invaluable resource.

Our mission is to bring together and display not only the attractions for you but to include the hotels motels and bed and breakfasts as you will need somewhere to stay. Our clients are proud of their establishments and feel that by offering these panoramic views, you can decide judging by ‘what you see is what you get ‘and nothing is hidden behind endless text and promises on a web site or brochure! The restaurants bars and clubs are on display also. Should you require to make any bookings, there is information provided so you can telephone or book online. Speciality stores have listings for you so please check those out..

Try using Kingston as a base and take day trips out to the surrounding area. Provincial parks include Sandbanks, Frontenac, Bon Echo, Charleston Lake, Sharbot Lake, Silver Lake, and Lake on the Mountain are all within 110k.

Kingston is a boater’s paradise with 8 marinas located in and around Kingston. If you don’t own a boat, there are plently of rental companies or the option of the 1000 Islands Boat Tours.